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About Us

Your Local, Woman-Owned Waste Management Partner
Serving Forsyth and Davidson County and surrounding areas!

About Us

Your Local Ally
in Sustainable Waste Solutions

For waste collection and commercial garbage services in Forsyth and Davidson County and surrounding areas, your business needs a reliable and upfront partner. We’re locally owned and operated, focusing on customized solutions to ensure your operations run seamlessly

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Our Story

Founded with a passion for environmental responsibility and a dedication to transparent, reliable service, Peak Waste has quickly become a trusted name in waste management. Our journey began with a simple idea – to provide businesses in Winston-Salem and nearby areas with a waste solution that is not only efficient but also contributes to the local community’s growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear – to make waste collection easy, reliable, and sustainable for businesses like yours.

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Personalized Community Commitment

As a local business, we promise a personalized touch and in-depth understanding of your community’s needs, ensuring tailored solutions and contributing to local growth.

Excellence in Customer Service

Our commitment to great customer service means responsive communication and a dedicated approach to addressing your unique requirements.

Transparent and Predictable Pricing

We pledge transparent and predictable flat-rate pricing, eliminating hidden fees, providing billing clarity, and ensuring cost-effectiveness for a reliable and affordable waste solution.
Our Team

Meet Our Leaders

Dedicated individuals committed to providing exceptional waste collection services and contributing to the well-being of our community.

Rachel Bunce


Erich Strupe


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Everything You Need to Know

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Unlike many of our competitors, Peak Waste does not charge fuel surcharges.

Rachel Bunce, Owner/President

Peak Waste, LLC

Rachel Bunce, a professional in the waste industry, is renowned for her exceptional customer service. With over 25 years of invaluable experience in waste and recycling, she stands as a recipient of numerous Outstanding Customer Service Awards, a testament to her unwavering commitment to service excellence.
Throughout her extensive career, Rachel has demonstrated a remarkable talent for nurturing growth within the organizations she’s served. Her dedication to customer service excellence has been recognized with the prestigious Chairman’s Club Award in sales, underscoring her noteworthy contributions.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Rachel is an ardent gardener, priding herself on maintaining the most impeccable lawn in the neighborhood. Her gardening passion echoes her work philosophy: she believes in nurturing exceptional customer service, drawing parallels between cultivating a garden and fostering customer relationships. Each interaction is a seed, an opportunity to nurture trust, understanding, and growth. Just as a gardener tends to diverse plants with individual needs, Rachel values catering to each customer’s unique requirements, believing it’s the bedrock for nurturing thriving relationships. Her steadfast dedication, patience, and commitment to forging genuine connections serve as the roots that sustain a flourishing garden of customer satisfaction.
As the President of Peak Waste, Rachel is steadfastly committed to delivering consistently exceptional service that surpasses customer expectations. Her vision includes ensuring fair and transparent pricing, aiming to create a value-driven experience. Her goal is to ensure every customer not only feels satisfied but genuinely delighted with the quality they receive—a reflection of Peak Waste’s commitment to honesty and fairness in pricing.

Erich Strupe, Owner/CEO

Peak Waste, LLC

Erich Strupe, a seasoned professional with two decades of expertise in purchasing and management, is embarking on a transformative journey from the produce industry to the waste industry. As he steps into the role of CEO at Peak Waste, Erich is dedicated to improve the antiquated practices and subpar standards within the waste services industry.
Having obtained his CDL license to grasp the intricacies of the business firsthand, Erich embodies a hands-on approach. His commitment demonstrates his dedication to gaining comprehensive insights, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the waste industry.
Outside of work, Erich cherishes family time, often encouraging his child’s love of collecting trading cards by attending shops and conventions. Inspired by the shared moments at these events, Erich sees each customer interaction as a chance to make a lasting impact. Just as the thrill and excitement of finding a rare card creates enduring memories, exceptional service involves crafting enduring narratives with clients. It’s about forging relationships, ensuring contentment, and leaving a significant impression. His commitment is to infuse this same fervor and meticulousness into Peak Waste’s service; ensuring each engagement is an adventure filled with enthusiasm, empathy, and authentic connections.
Driven by a vision to bring a small-business, local touch to new customers, Erich is passionate about infusing personalized care into his services. He aspires to redefine customer experiences by integrating the warmth and attentiveness synonymous with small businesses into the waste services landscape. With Erich’s wealth of experience, coupled with a commitment to a personalized approach, he is poised to make a distinctive mark in the waste services industry, creating a unique and customer-centric business model.